Plush demons, sex dolls with skin, a real insane clown posse, messengers from another realm. Marcus McDonald's Ephemeral Panic, in reference to Alejandro Jodorowsky's transformative methodology in theater and performance, would be best described as a window into the internal mystery of his subjects' selves. Bringing his simultaneously traumatized and jaded New York evocation to the west coast for the first time, he attempts to capture various artists in the process of losing themselves to their pure personas. Part mystic-vision, part clown-art, his still and moving images of these panic characters invite the viewer to assume the role of dream analyst and to enter into the space in which our subconscious thrives.

About Marcus McDonald:

Marcus McDonald is a New York City based photographer and filmmaker who's interest lies in normalizing the psychedelic and disturbing. Informed by spiritual surrealism and daytime television, he hopes to channel the transmissions of the meditative realms that span realities and visit us in our subconscious. In an ideal world, his work would be hotel wall art, though perhaps it would look good in an elevator as well.

Mary Anne Carter Feet by Marcus McDonald

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"New York City-based photographer and filmmaker Marcus McDonald is trying to reach your subconscious with his unique, and at times unsettling, art. Finding inspiration in clowns, daytime television and psychoanalysis, his work resonates in the midst of today’s marketing ploys and disturbing news cycle. Party Hat Gallery in Seattle seemed like a natural fit for his first solo show, considering the questions and themes McDonald spends so much time debating. Serving as a gallery, community workspace, and screen printing shop, and bringing attention to queer and under-represented artists, it too defies the boundaries of a particular medium or mood. Read on to discover why McDonald named the show “Ephemeral Panic”, where he draws inspiration from, and what’s next."

-Relieve Marcus McDonald's Debut Solo Show in Seattle: Milk Media

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Ephemeral Panic Mug by Marcus McDonald Featuring Mary Anne Carter
from 14.00

There’s no better way to start your day than sipping your favorite beverage out of a limited edition work of art featuring two of Marcus McDonald’s photos from his recent show, Ephemeral Panic. Cloaked in sheer pantyhose and several gallons of lipstick, McDonald’s subject (fellow artist and Party Hat curator, Mary Anne Carter) provides the fear/joy/excitement you need to motivate your morning, or at the very least, become the talk of the office.

Each mug is double sided and features both images displayed in the product gallery.

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