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Party Hat: The Art Show

Party Hat Gallery's self-titled show, Party Hat: The Art Show is a celebration of parties, costume, glamour, excitement, delight, surprises, absurdity, glee, unpredictability, humor, and beyond. It is currently open to the public on Saturdays & Sundays from 12-6 through Sunday, October 22nd.

Featured artists include: Mark Mitchell, John Criscitello, Kelly O, Brandon Vosika, Neon Saltwater, Albie, Kelly Bjork, Jennifer Zwick, Jordan Christianson, Clyde Petersen, Lauren Max, Doug Newman, Travis Ritter, Madeline Franks, Brittany Kusa, Cody Blanchard, Frances Chiem, Ursula Rose, Flynn Bickley, Janelle Abbott, Lady Krishna, Leigh Carroll, Emma Kates-Shaw, Louise Croff Blake, Frankie Krupa Vahdani, Sami Zamora, Lydia Tompkins, Kelsey Melville, Anja Grover, Jackson Deadman Bennett, Jessie Lynn, and Julia Robins.

For purchase inquiries and further information, please contact us directly at:

party hat: the art show | selected work

event Photos by Kelly O

View more of Kelly O's work online or at our Closing Reception & Slideshow!